Your translation and interpreting projects managed from a to z

Abadenn Multilingue will provide you with advice and the right team to manage your bilingual and multilingual projects to a T.

From initial advice to the final product, one of our project managers will be there to support you and provide you with the most appropriate solutions for your needs. Guaranteeing a high-quality service, your project manager will be your dedicated contact at the agency, ensuring that your project runs smoothly. They will select the best translators or interpreters for your field and guarantee that deadlines are met.  

A no stress solution for the success of your multilingual projects!


A partner you can rely on

The purpose of a translation and interpreting agency is to work with companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations, large groups and multinationals, among others.

Abadenn Multilingue responds to the specific needs of this type of organisation: high volume translation, translation into several languages, conference interpreting with equipment provision, multilingual interpreting, urgent requests, tight deadlines, unusual languages, etc.

A relationship you can rely on
  • friendly, personalised service
  • respect for confidentiality
  • quality control


Comprehensive services
  • translation
  • interpreting
  • equipment hire
  • PR and content creation


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