All media translation

The specific characteristics of each text vary depending on its field and medium.

A summons is not written in the same style as a company brochure, a medical translation has different requirements to a marketing translation.

Abadenn Multilingue provides translation services tailored to the specific requirements of each field and each medium: leaflet, brochure, catalogue, website, invitation, publishing, subtitling, instructions, legal documents, etc.

Specialised or general translations, depending on your needs

Whenever our clients send us a new document to translate, we analyse several different aspects. We will choose a translator depending on their language combinations as well as their writing skills and field of specialisation in order to guarantee a solution tailored to your needs.

General translation is appropriate for documents that do not require any particular expertise, even if they do concern a specific field. Specialised translation requires specific expertise. Specialised translators are able to deal with terminological difficulties and understand the technicalities of the field in question.


Translation is the act of transforming a text written in one language into a text written in another language. It creates a link between at least two languages, two cultures and, sometimes, two eras.

  • architecture & design
  • audiovisual communication & production
  • education & culture
  • ecology & sustainable development
  • finance & banking
  • history & social sciences
  • hospitality & tourism
  • legal
  • politics
  • philosophy & literature
  • human resources
  • science & technology 
  • business travel & events

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