Architecture & design

In the architecture and urban planning sectors, Abadenn Multilingue provides interpreting services and equipment for international meetings.  

Communication & audiovisual production

Abadenn Multilingue collaborates with communication and audiovisual production agencies to translate websites and other media for their clients, including subtitling and dubbing for video presentations and advertising.  

Ecology & sustainable development

Abadenn Multilingue’s clients include significant actors in the field of energy transition, including NGOs and government bodies. We translate technical and general communication documents (tenders, press pieces and scientific papers) and we have participated as interpreters at several COP 21 meetings. 

Education & culture

For many years Abadenn Multilingue has worked with the French Ministry of Education, European federations and NGOs responsible for analysing and comparing educational systems at EU level.

Our agency translated articles by art critics for the 45th Congress of the International Association of Art Critics, as well as a variety of material for the exhibition "When Derain makes cards dance, Around La Boutique fantasque".

Finance & banking

Abadenn Multilingue handles the translation of the internal memos, technical software documentation and reports of several banks. Our agency also translates annual reports, financial analyses, audits, and more for our clients.

History & social sciences

Abadenn Multilingue has translated 20 pieces from the "History and Civilisations" collection published by Le Monde. 
The 30 volumes in the collection provide a comprehensive informative account of five millennia, from antiquity to the 20th Century. They are the product of three years of work by high-level multidisciplinary teams.

Hospitality & tourism

Hotels, tourist information offices, cities and specialised travel companies regularly use our agency to translate their websites, brochures, guides, newsletters, etc.  


Several legal firms and the legal departments of several companies regularly rely on Abadenn Multilingue.

Our agency translates rulings, contracts, protocols, documents, and more for them.


Our agency works with several NGOs and institutions such as ministries, national assemblies and the European Parliament.
For example: French < > English interpreting for conferences on “Creative Europe”, French > Polish translation for Weimar Triangle meetings, Spanish < > French simultaneous interpreting for meetings with the Mexican Minister of Economic Affairs on the draft French law on transparency.

Philosophy & literature

In 2016 Abadenn Multilingue translated 49 pieces from Le Monde’s educational philosophy collection "Learn to Philosophise”. 

Our agency also contributed to the translation of the fascinating work "Atlas Obscura" published by Marabout. 

Human Resources

Since 2012, Abadenn Multilingue has provided translation and interpreting services for a European Works Council. Our agency manages the technical and interpreting teams (5 languages, 20 interpreters and 10 translators), briefings and preparations for meeting across Europe.
We translate all the documentation for the meetings and keep the glossary and working documents up to date to guarantee that we use consistent terminology.

Meetings & events

Whether our clients want to deliver an important event (presentation of a new product, consolidating client relationships, building team spirit) or to hold a business meeting (contract negotiations, bilateral meetings), Abadenn Multilingue supports them by proving the right translation and interpreting services for the smooth running of their events.

Science & technology

Our agency is passionate about scientific communication. Abadenn Multilingue has translated 34 works from the “Science’s Big Ideas” collection published by Le Monde and is currently working on a collection dedicated to the cosmos.

In terms of technical expertise, we have significant experience in IT, rail, energy and medicine.